I spoke with Gail today. Here is a quick summary (sorry for being brief).

  • Sharon is doing better.
  • She is in much less pain than before.
  • She was able to stand and walk a little with her walker.
  • The Dr. is advising to put her on a Chemo pill, but they are not sure. They are praying whether to go forward with that.
  • Sharon needs a miracle.
  • The cancer is in her blood (it is called Multiple Myeloma) and may go into her bones or marrow (as I understood Gail).
  • She is asking for continued prayer, and said it’s okay to share her condition with others.
  • She would appreciate hearing from brethren. However, her cell is off most of the time because she is usually not strong enough to talk. However, you can send an email to Mike Priest for her at [email protected], or write her at: 7800 Cty. Rd. 1620, Roff, OK 74865

Thank you for standing with her at this time.


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