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Started by Cecil and Mavis duCille over 60 years ago, this ministry has to provide sound teaching from the Word of God to encourage Christians around the world to press into the kingdom of God in these last days.This is not a ministry of a few, but of the emerging Body of Christ. We believe strongly in the end-time work of Christ within the believer.

After their passing in 2008 and Cecil in 2009, those of us that had been blessed and strengthened by their ministry felt the need and the call to continue this ministry. We are so thankful for the many years of faithful ministry they had to the Lord. He and Mavis dedicated their lives to the Body of Christ, and we have all been eternally blessed by their sacrifice. They most certainly fought a good fight, finished their course, and kept the faith. They have now joined the ranks of that great cloud of witnesses. Praise God.

Over the decades many lives around the world were touched by their ministry, and various fellowships had developed that support felt the same clarion call to come out of her my people, and to come into the full stature of Christ.We have had the privilege to provide and support ministry both in the United States, and into many countries around the world. We have various publications, periodicals, audio and video message and past conferences available as well. We will continue to be involved in supporting conferences and gatherings. We are very excited for the future in continuing to bring forth the ministry of the Gospel of the Kingdom of God throughout the world. The time is short, the fields are white, and there is so much to accomplish. Sonlight is here to support the ministry to and of the body of Christ. It is not a platform of just a few, but we want to encourage and support body ministry; and to encourage you in the calling and giftings that God has uniquely placed in you. We will stand with the local fellowships, the elders, and the body at large. Although we have no membership, we ask you to join us in bringing this Gospel of the Kingdom to every nation. Thank you for standing with us, and praying for this work as we look to the Lord for future direction in ministry.Amen

In Christ’s love,

The Sonlight Ministries Board

The current Board members of Sonlight Ministries are: Peter Schneider, Gary Sonmore, Tom Sigwarth, Russell Blom, David Walter, Bob Unger and John Baynes.

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