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The vision of this ministry today is very connected to an actual vision that God gave to brother Cecil duCille in 1979 regarding a 1000 lb. sack of food that he delivered to the kitchen. The summary of the vision is that he was given this 1000 lb. sack of food and was told to deliver it to a household for the wedding feast. He took upon his back and started down the road. There were various false houses along the way, but in the end he delivered the sack of food to the right house and to the kitchen where many cooks were there ready to take the food and prepare it for the wedding feast.

We believe this vision represented he and Mavis’s life and ministry, and that the food represented the WORD OF THE KINGDOM that they faithfully ministered throughout their lives. The KITCHEN IS THIS MINISTRY and we are THE COOKS. We believe that we have a mandate from GOD to prepare this food and serve it to the NATIONS for the WEDDING FEAST of Christ and His bride. This vision is not limited to a few cooks, but to all that would catch the vision and join us in preparing and serving this food.

Although this vision is specific to a people, it is not exclusive to that people. We are just a part of the Body of Christ, and we desire to fulfill the charge of God, which is to bring “This Gospel of the Kingdom” through every avenue He provides, to every person that will receive it. Praise God.

May God help us to be faithful to the call of God. Amen.


The following is the VISION that came to Cecil duCille:



Cecil duCille

The vision that the Lord gave to me several years ago, upon which our whole ministry is built, is very important to me. Recently we have been looking at our progress over the years and this is an attempt to update the information as to the meaning of this vision. Below is a letter published 5 August 1979 in the Omega Message, which gives the account of the vision.

AUGUST 5, 1979

Dearly beloved Brethren in Christ,

At this time, I feel it is imperative that we marshal our resources together in the Lord to meet the challenges that are before us. The time, therefore, has come for me to share the vision God gave me, with you who are the called and privileged ones ordained of God to be part of its fulfillment.

The most important part of the life of any servant of God is his or her call to the ministry. In the call of God lies the seed of the ministry to which one is called. In view of this, I want to take you back to the time when God called me, and the vision I received of the true Church—the Body of Christ, the Household.


I was groping my way through the night. It was very, very dark. I felt a little white fence and a gate, barely visible in the darkness. Floating through the darkness came the beautiful and soothing tune of one of Chopin’s pieces that I loved. I instinctively followed the sound to a palatial edifice, whose massive door swung open as I approached. I entered and found myself standing in a very large hall with green carpet, green floor length drapes, and a woman in a long green frilled dress, playing the piano. Without turning her head or her attention from the piano, she said, “Come in.”

She stopped playing abruptly, came towards me and like a mother scolding a child, she said, “You are late! We have been waiting on you. Now hurry to the farm. They will assign you your work.”

When I stepped from the building, the dawn had already begun to show the silhouette of buildings. As I hurried along over what seemed to be a desert path, the morning came forth in all its glory. I kept traveling eastward until the novelty and beauty of morning gave way to the heat of the day. It was then, with the sun at about ten o’clock, that I arrived at the farm and joined the end of the line of men who were being assigned their tasks for the day. When it was my turn, the foreman called to his workers, “This is the man.” He said, “Give him 1000 lbs. of food for the household for the wedding feast.”

Two men brought a burlap sack, placed it on my shoulders, and I literally staggered off in a run with the load. After going for some time, I began to tire. The heat of the sun bore down mercilessly upon my head, and I felt the pressure of the load on my heart. I wanted so badly to put down the load, that in my mind I thought I would unburden it at the first house I came to.

At last, the first house came into view, but—No! No! It was only a shack in comparison to the house of my vision. I turned away, smarting under the pressure of my burden, continuing my journey.

Now came the second house. “Surely,” said I, “This must be the house of my vision.” It was not. It was a little better than the first, but far too poor to be the house that I saw in the vision. Then a third house, and a fourth, but they did not qualify. By the time I got to the fourth house, the pain and exhaustion was so great that I decided to give up at this house, whatever it was.

It was a two-story house. I helped down my burden and looked up at someone who appeared in the upstairs window. She smiled a knavish smile of invitation to me, which exposed some missing front teeth. Suddenly, I realized with a shock where I was. I was at a harlot’s house! Immediately my tiredness and exhaustion disappeared. I grabbed the heavy sack, and with new strength born out of shock, I heaved it to my shoulders and literally ran from the premises.

Soon I came over the brow of a hill and before me in the valley below lay the magnificent sight. A house of pure white marble with round pillars, a green well-groomed lawn, and an orchard of fruit trees spreading itself in the bright sunshine. Two cars were parked on the roof (one white and one black), and a bride with her bouquet was standing at the door.

Somewhere in my instructions I was told not to show any recognition to the bride, but simply to deliver the food to the kitchen, and then prepare for the wedding.

I rushed into the kitchen with the load of food and helped it down. A woman from a place called Top Hill was standing at the counter. She playfully chided me for being late with the food. The men came in and lifted it to the counter. The sack was opened and all manner of food was being taken from it. The kitchen started humming with activity as the preparation of the Wedding Feast began.


The above is the vision I received when I was called, and in many years since then I have had enough time to watch every detail being fulfilled and to know that the vision is true.

At the outset I was sent to a people who would have ears to hear and hearts to understand. Among this people, God ordained servants who would labor for heavenly rewards—men and women who would feed the sheep. There were more men than women, but men and women were in the kitchen of my vision preparing the food. If this will be any comfort to the sisters, it was a woman who first took the food and began to prepare it for the wedding feast. She was unable to lift the heavy sack, but the men came who lifted it to the worktable.

These many years now, you have seen our way of life and known our order in the Lord. One of the principles we ardently adhere to is not to badger the people of God for offerings. In fact, our policy is never to ask for money, even at our peril.

In this aspect, we are correct in interpreting the will of God in the matter of His provision for His work, but on the other hand, we failed to give God’s people the necessary incentive to give. The incentive the people of God need is to be found in the Body Ministry:

From Him the whole body, joined and held together by every supporting ligament, grows and builds itself up in love, as each part does its work” (Ephesians 4:16).

As a joint, you are involved in the whole operation and not just when and where you feel to participate. Every move of a muscle, every blinking of an eyelid in the Body of Christ involves you. Each individual, however, is involved directly with the parts to which he is joined. We are not only joined by love but by all the laws of spiritual cohesion. This includes our natural daily activities and a responsibility in the natural operation of the spiritual work. For this reason, you are a part of the vision and the Wedding Feast preparation.


The unfolding of the vision is progressive. That which I received, at first lacked detail and needed much explanation and enlightenment. Some of the details that I thought I understood perfectly had to be made clearer as time progressed. It is like seeing a thing without much light, then afterwards seeing the same thing with more light and more light, and each time realizing that more details are being made visible.

At this point in time, we see the Body of Christ in the form of many groups of people coming together, learning to love one another and function together. Some are being pushed of the Spirit into union through tribulation and others through obedience. All this is being done, however, by the Spirit of God in us.


The bride is the faithful Church (there are false brides). The Wedding Feast is that time when God would be preparing the Bride and the guests with a SPECIAL WORD OF LIFE to give her strength to travail and bring forth His perfect will on the earth. The household is the Body of Christ, and the 1000 lbs. of food is the fullness of Christ in God, that is offered to all of us but only attained by the obedient. In the vision I took this food to four houses before I came to the right one.


There are other houses along the way, as the vision implied, but I was sent to a specific household, which I would recognize, as also they would be waiting anxiously.

Attempting to deliver the food to any other than the house to which I was sent would result in discouragement, pain, disappointment, grief and some chastisement, but through it all we have learned invaluable lessons. I am now sure that those of you who listen and hear are this true household, and that we are in the wedding feast which precedes the wedding.

The taking of the food to the household was a learning process for us. This search took us through almost every State in the Union and through much privation, being at times impervious to our own pain and human needs. It would be impossible to tell in this short letter any details of the physical pain that we endured, the sicknesses we have learned to overcome, and the desperate circumstances we had to bear silently. One thing we know for sure is that as we meet the daily challenges, we are trying diligently to learn every lesson well so that we might grow up in Christ according to His will.


In our work, we are spurred on by the imminent and impending distress that is slowly but surely creeping down upon the United States of America and the world at large. The whole world is in turmoil. There is no geographical location to which one person can point to another saying, “You will be safe here.” Christ is our only safety and assurance. No matter how safe and serene your own homeland appears, “…the destruction that wasteth at noonday” and the perils of the age must come to try all them that dwell upon the face of the earth. Our safety, our survival, and our protection is in Christ. Our crisis advice is that you allow Him to order your life. “In all thy ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct thy path.

In our search for “The household,” the Lord has led us to Central America, the West Indies, India, and to the continents of Europe and Africa. There are so many calls from different parts of the world that we need your fervent prayers and every assistance that the Lord will put upon your heart to give.

The voice of God spoke of India, “Here the message is absolutely urgent.” It shocked me to hear the Almighty God say, “ABSOLUTELY URGENT.” There are dedicated men and women now laboring there who are a part of the Body of Christ, and to whom we have a responsibility of love and common bond in Christ. India is a land that is bound by many religions and strange gods. It is becoming increasingly dangerous for Christians there. Let us intercede for them.

We were shown London, England as a place where God will move soon, and there will be a place provided for meetings. We have also had an invitation for Brussels. Be with us in prayer.

God has been speaking to us of Africa. We have received many calls for help from that land and we continue to go as the Lord sends us. It has been some years now since the Lord said, “The table is spread for Nigeria.” We are moving by faith and are sure that God will move you so that the strength of the Body will stand firmly behind us.

The arm cannot work without the shoulders. The shoulders cannot work without the body. We may be the anointed hands of the Lord, but without you, the shoulder ministry, and you the body ministry, we can do nothing. Even as the hands are anointed, we know the Body is being anointed. OUR ONLY SURVIVAL IN THIS HOUR IS TO RECOGNIZE EACH OTHER AS PARTS OF THE BODY OF CHRIST IN OUR WORK OF EDIFICATION OF CHRIST.

Please join us in prayer now. THIS CALL IS URGENT. Do not fail to do whatever the Lord directs you to do in this matter. We need the strength now for the work in India and Africa and Europe.


At this point, I want you to turn your thoughts to the Lord in a request that you might exercise your ministry in the Body in this matter. I am sending this letter to those whom I feel are in the Body ministry with us. We are not asking you for contributions for ourselves, but we are obeying the Lord in sending this urgent message to the parts of the Body to which we are joined.

May the peace of God, our Father, and Jesus Christ His Son, and the Holy Ghost be with you all. Amen.

The preceding word was written and published 5 August 1979, and most of the brethren would like to know what new enlightenment have we seen of this vision since this was written. Within these FIFTEEN years, we have seen many of those who had the lively hope and who were in the kitchen, move off to seek their fortunes elsewhere; but the most exciting thing is that some of the kids who were very young then, have taken their place in the kitchen and are feeding others. This means that the “kitchen” staff has virtually completely changed. Every day more and more new people are hearing the true Gospel of the Kingdom of God and are moving out of man’s kingdoms into God’s.

As in Brother Campbell’s dream, I believe, finally we have arrived at the “Household.” I do not believe that my time is up and that it is time for me to go to the house to be prepared for the Wedding Feast. Coinciding with Brother Campbell’s dream, we would be now in the train. This means that we who believe are of one mind now and will be able to call upon the Name of the Lord with greater power than we ever had before.

We must now exercise a greater degree of watchfulness than we have ever seen before, since we expect the Lord to make definite moves in the human dimension to bring mankind down to the final hours of our dispensation.